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The design is a combined development from the existing wrap around consoles, and from the full GRP Cabin versions of the Stormforce 11.

Initially, the basic concept was drafted in 2D, from which a 3D model and subsequent renders were generated in house. This allowed the design team, mould fabrication team and the customers to view the design and revise details before construction. The 3D model was highly successful, and was used extensively in the fabrication of the moulds

 Design Features

The obvious feature is that the Expedition has a full GRP cabin. This has allowed us to manufacture an extremely strong and safe RIB, which has been fitted with wrap around toughened glass screen for maximum visibility and safety. The cabin has resulted in low noise levels, leaving a very pleasant ambiance for offshore cruising. Access around the cabin is via wide side decks.

 The Expedition also brings several features previously only found on our larger RIBs, such a the hardnose. Over the years, the hardnose feature of the Stormforce 9.1-11 has proven itself very worthy, and it was felt that this feature should be incorporated at an early stage in the development of the Expedition. The hardnose has the most important safety feature of helping prevent detubing, which is a risk when offshore cruising in large seas. It also provides a secure anchoring point, and in the Expedition version we have fitted an anchor locker within the nose, to make full use of this benefit. The hardnose has also allowed us to do something that would have otherwise been quite difficult; we have fitted two berths in the bow, and also provided a lot of storage space. There is also adequate room to comfortably sit upright in the forward cabin; this was another of the major requirements for the new design. In effect, we have ensured that the total length of the RIB is utilized in some way.

The stern/engine bay arrangement was also developed from design details of the larger Stormforce RIBs. This is highly advanced in reducing and eliminating spray and sea water from entering the engine bay and reduces any risk of the engine flooding. It also provides a large seating/sun lounging area aft.

Interior & Fitout

The most striking feature about the interior is just how airy it is, which helps to ensure maximum comfort for all onboard when at sea. The interior sides, rear seating, console, exterior deck, sides, bow and engine bay are all taken from the one mould. This ensures the highest quality finish, reduced build times and is perfect for the lower sides of the cabin which can be subject to the usual bumps, knocks and mucky fingers!

Along with having two moulded side benches with integral storage aft, Expeditions are normally fitted with four High Back Comfort Seats, with storage beneath as standard. The High Back Comfort Seats add a higher level of comfort and security than traditional RIB seating arrangements. Air Sprung Suspension versions are also available.

This RIB is designed to take a large range of accessories and valuable aids needed today, including:

  • Raymarine Multipurpose plotters
  • Fuel Monitor & Fish Finder
  • VHF Marine Radio
  • Apple IPod Dock
  • CD Stereo System
  • Warm Air Heating system
  • LED Floor lights and Cabin lights


The Expedition is fitted from a choice of Yamaha Stern Drive Diesel plants.


Stormforce 8.4 Expedition

Technical Data

Length Overall: 8.60 metres

Beam Overall: 2.77 metres

Internal Beam: 1.60 metres

Max Recommended Load: 1077 kg

Max Recommended Persons: 12

Hull Weight: 1171 kg (excluding engines etc.)

Max Recommended Engine Power: 373 kW / 500 hp

Tube Diameter: 560 mm

Tube Material: Hypalon

Design Category: B


Stormforce 8.4 Expedition


Stormforce 8.4 Expedition

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Technical Details

Stormforce 8.4 Expedition


General Arrangements  
Drawing No. Layout Description Engine(s) Download Link
SF8.4/02/1 Original Wrap Around Console, 6 Pods Sterndrive Download SF8.4/02/1
SF8.4/02/4 Original Wrap Around, Bow Deck, Canopy Extension Sterndrive Download SF8.4/02/4
SF8.4/02/5 Original Wrap Around, Suspension Seats Sterndrive Download SF8.4/02/5
SF8.4/03/1 Side Side Console, 6 Seats Sterndrive Download SF8.4/03/1
SF8.4/03/2 Side Side Console, 4 Seats Sterndrive Download SF8.4/03/2
SF8.4/03/3 Side Side Console, 10 Seats, Dive Bottle Rack (fwd) Outboard Download SF8.4/03/3
SF8.4/03/7 Side Side Console, Pods, Dive Bottle Rack Sterndrive Download SF8.4/03/7
SF8.4/03/8 Side Side Console, 12 Seats, Open Passenger RIB Outboards Download SF8.4/03/8
SF8.4/04/1 Forward Cuddy Cabin Sterndrive Download SF8.4/04/1
SF8.4/04/2 Forward Cuddy Cabin Twin Jet Download SF8.4/04/2
SF8.4/05/1 Patrol Console, Patrol A-Frame Sterndrive Download SF8.4/05/1
SF8.4/06/1 Patrol RIB, Ullman Seats Outboards Download SF8.4/06/1
SF8.4E/01/1 Expedition Hard Top Standard Layout Sterndrive Download SF8.4E/01/1
SF8.4E/02/2 Expedition Soft Top (Wrap Around Style) Sterndrive Download SF8.4E/02/2


Stormforce 8.4 Expedition

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