Stormforce Range

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The Stormforce 7.4 is a deep V hull form, which is one of the reasons that this RIB has such fantastic abilities in rough offshore conditions. The deep V hull is combined with sprayrails to produce additional lift and improve the hydrodynamics of the hull. The tube is designed to sit firmly in contact with the water surface while at rest; this ensures that the RIB has maximum stability.


The 7.4 Cabin version can be powered by outboards or Yamaha Diesel Sterndrives. The layout of the cabin allows for some customisation, though typically includes bench side seating, steering console and a helm seat. Deck layout is as required by the customer.


Based on our existing Stormforce 7.4 Standard hull, the Cabin version adds a forward cabin complete with lockable back door. Well suited to a variety of applications, including diving, survey, patrol or general use.


Stormforce 7.4 Cabin

Technical Data

Length Overall: 7.60 metres

Beam Overall: 2.77 metres

Internal Beam: 1.55 metres

Max Recommended Load: 1925 kg

Max Recommended Persons: 10

Hull Weight: 1000 kg (excluding engines etc.)

Max Recommended Engine Power: 261 kW / 350 hp

Tube Diameter: 560 mm

Tube Material: Hypalon

Design Category: B




Stormforce 7.4 Cabin


Stormforce 7.4 Cabin

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Technical Details

Stormforce 7.4 Cabin


General Arrangements
Drawing No. Layout Description Engine(s) Download Link
SF7.4/02/1 Wrap Around Console Sterndrive Download SF7.4/02/1
SF7.4/02/2 Wrap Around Console, Outboard Well Outboard Download SF7.4/02/2
SF7.4/02/3 Wrap Around Console, 2 Suspension Seats, 2 Pods Outboards Download SF7.4/02/3
SF7.4/02/5 Short Wrap Around Console Sterndrive Download SF7.4/02/5
SF7.4/02/7 Short Wrap Around Console Outboards Download SF7.4/02/7
SF7.4/03/1 Cuddy Cabin Sterndrive Download SF7.4/03/1
SF7.4/03/2 Cuddy Cabin Outboard Download SF7.4/03/2
SF7.4/04/1 Side Side Console (6 Seat) Sterndrive Download SF7.4/04/1
SF7.4/04/2 Side Side Console (4 Seat) Sterndirve Download SF7.4/04/2
SF7.4/04/3 Side Side Console (4 Seat) Outboards Download SF7.4/04/3
SF7.4/04/4 Side Side Console, Self-Righting (ICG) Outboards Download SF7.4/04/4
SF7.4/04/6 Side SIde Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF7.4/04/6
SF7.4/04/10 Side Side Console (6 Seat), Outboard Well Outboard Download SF7.4/04/10
SF7.4/05/1 In Line Console Outboard Download SF7.4/05/1
SF7.4/05/2 Stand At Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF7.4/05/2
SF7.4/05/3 Delta Configuration Seating, Rescue Layout Outboard Download SF7.4/05/3
SF7.4/06/1 Side Side Console (aft), Bottle Rack (fwd) Outboard Download SF7.4/06/1
SF7.4/06/2 Side Side Console (fwd), Bottle Rack (aft) Outboard Download SF7.4/06/2
SF7.4/08/2 Patrol Console, Dive Bottle Rack Sterndrive Download SF7.4/08/2
SF7.4/08/3 High Patrol Console Sterndrive Download SF7.4/08/3
SF7.4/10/1 Expedition Canopy Version Outboard Download SF7.4/10/1
SF7.4/10/3 Expedition Hard Top Version Outboard Download SF7.4/10/3


Stormforce 7.4 Cabin

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