Stormforce Range

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The Stormforce 6.5 Canopy boatwas developed to fill a gap in our product offering. It gives the owner the opportunity to own a boat with good weather protection which can still be towed behind a standard family saloon. The boat is based on a  standard 6.5 fitted with our industry leading wrap around console which has a full height screen and acrylic spray hood.

The high sided wrap around console is ideal for safe family passage or for serious offshore ribbing. Combined with the high level Lexan screen, the Console forms a very safe and comfortable cocoon. A moulded dash provides plenty of surface area for mounting all the necessary kit.


Propulsion can be provided by any engine combination. The Stormforce 6.5 is typically fitted with POD style seating. Additional seating and moulding options are also available.


The console is topped off with a removable canopy. This versatility provides safe sheltered cover for unpleasant conditions, or open top cruising for summer fun.


Stormforce 6.5 Canopy

Design Data

Length Overall: 6.50 metres

Beam Overall: 2.70 metres

Internal Length: 5.46 metres

Internal Beam: 1.60 metres

Max Recommended Load: 1000 kg

Max Recommended Persons: 8

Hull Weight: 710 kg (excluding engines etc.)

Max Recommended Engine Power: 168 kW / 225 hp

Tube Diameter: 460 / 560 mm

Tube Material: Hypalon

Design Category: B



Stormforce 6.5 Canopy


Stormforce 6.5 Canopy

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Technical Details

Stormforce 6.5 Canopy


General Arrangements
Drawing No. Layout Description Engine(s) Download Link
SF6.5/02/1 Side-Side Console (2 Seat) Sterndrive Download SF6.5/02/1
SF6.5/03/1 Side-Side Console (4 Seat) Outboard Download SF6.5/03/1
SF6.5/03/3 Side-Side Console (4 Seat), Self-Righting Kit Outboard Download SF6.5/03/3
SF6.5/04/1 Wrap Around Console Outboard Download SF6.5/04/1
SF6.5/04/2 Wrap Around Console, A-Frame Outboard Download SF6.5/04/2
SF6.5/05/1 Delta Config Seating Outboards Download SF6.5/05/1
SF6.5/05/2 Side-Side Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF6.5/05/2
SF6.5/05/3 Side-Side Console, Self-Righting Outboards Download SF6.5/05/3
SF6.5/06/1 Inline Console, extra Pods Outboards Download SF6.5/06/1
SF6.5/06/2 Inline Console Outboards Download SF6.5/06/2
SF6.5/06/3 Dublin Fire Authority Outboards Download SF6.5/06/3
SF6.5/06/4 Inline Console, 2 Pods, Stern Box Outboard Download SF6.5/06/4
SF6.5/06/5 Inline Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF6.5/06/5
SF6.5/08/2 Patrol Console (High Version), 4 Pods Outboards Download SF6.5/08/2


Stormforce 6.5 Canopy

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